PICS EMEA hits its 0% landfill target through Q1 2021.

» PICS EMEA hits its 0% landfill target through Q1 2021

PICS Telecom: An award-winning telecom service provider and one of the largest recyclers of telecom network equipment. PICS Telecom is proud to announce the achievement of their 2021 Q1 target of zero waste going into landfills.

In 2019 we set ourselves an aggressive zero landfill target, to achieve by the end of 2022 and it is a testament to the entire team at PICS that we have achieved this in Q1 of 2021 a full 21 months ahead of schedule. The volumes and material types have increased over the years which has meant we have had to become more innovative in our approach. We are fortunate to have a recycling team that is committed to helping network operators achieve their sustainability goals. The results achieved today are proof of what can happen if we work together with a common goal, I am very proud of the team.

Andrew Edmeads | Managing Director


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