2020 USA Recycling Figures » PICS Telecom.

2020 USA Recycling Figures »

PICS Telecom is proud to offer its network partners green solutions, as it continues to develop and scale telecoms circular economy. This is achieved through the effective reuse of network equipment, enforced with extensive testing practices and a comprehensive warranty package.

Alongside the above, PICS provides transparent recycling services that enable its partners to not only manage their network assets in a green manner but also dispose of redundant network equipment in a logical method, balancing both cost and environmental factors.

PICS Telecom is proud to have achieved a 0% landfill target in multiple regions across the globe and will continue to advocate and promote its green solutions in order to assist network operators and owners reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

PICS USA recycling figures for 2020:

Recycling breakdown:

  • Ferrous materials » 2,722,358lbs
  • Non-ferrous materials » 976,711lbs
  • Electronics » 1,124,639lbs
  • Batteries » 9,072lbs

More information about » PICS Telecoms recycling program.


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