November 2021 USA » PICS Telecom Network Recycling Figures.

November 2021 USA » PICS Telecom Network Recycling Figures. Ferrous » 52,960.00 Lbs Electronics » 48,513.00 Lbs Total recycled » 101,473.00 Lbs PICS Telecom Network Recycling Figures » PICS Telecom is committed to providing its global network partners with green, cost-effective network solutions. PICS Recycling services make up a large part of PICS Telecoms’ overall … Read more

Industry review » TW 101.

Warehouses full of waste, remember that? Let us cast our memories back to crowded boardrooms of decision-makers, hell-bent on maintaining the “we do not use second-hand hardware” stance. Fast-forward to 2022, this common objection in many scenarios is but a distant memory. The last, quite unique 24 months, has shown Telecoms & Capacity networks to … Read more

Network Equipment Supply.

» Click here for Network Equipment Supply document. Why buy from PICS?  PICS Telecom has been supporting telecom & data network providers for nearly 30 years. We aim to help to decrease costs and increase network stability for some of the leading global organisations. We have achieved this whilst retaining our true core values as … Read more