Transforming Asset Management for a Leading Hyperscaler

Client: A Leading Hyperscaler Situation  A leading hyperscaler in North America faced operational inefficiencies in their network hardware management. They routinely decommissioned Infinera DTN-X networks, involving the de-installation of equipment which was then sent to one of their hubs. This process led to substantial equipment accumulation at the hubs, with the assets remaining there until … Read more

International Infinera DTN-X Network Decommissioning and Resale

Client: An International Carrier Project Duration: 2 Years Location: 12 Countries Worldwide Services Provided: Network Decommissioning, Resale, and Recycling  Situation  An international carrier faced a daunting task: decommissioning an extensive Infinera DTN-X network spread across 12 countries. Initially, the carrier planned to recycle this equipment, an approach that was not only costly but also less … Read more