3G Sunset Solutions: Responsible Removal, Recycling, and Reselling

Bringing Technology Full Circle 

Transforming Underutilized Telecom Equipment into Valuable Resources 

As telecommunications networks evolve, the decommissioning of outdated 3G infrastructure presents unique challenges and opportunities. PICS Telecom is a leader in facilitating 3G Sunset Programs, specializing in the responsible removal, recycling, and reselling of 3G equipment primarily from Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia. 


Features of Our 3G Sunset Service

  • Comprehensive Decommissioning: We begin with a complete assessment of your existing 3G network to identify all equipment due for decommissioning. Our expertise in managing products from leading manufacturers like Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia ensures that no component is overlooked. 
  • Efficient Removal and Logistics: We handle all aspects of the equipment removal process, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations. We manage logistics with precision, safeguarding that all equipment is removed swiftly and safely from your site. 
  • Zero-Waste Recycling and Reselling: At the heart of our 3G Sunset Programs is our commitment to sustainability. We refurbish reusable components and resell them, extending their lifecycle and offering cost-effective solutions to other operators. Non-reusable parts are recycled responsibly, ensuring that all materials are processed in an environmentally friendly manner. 
  • Revenue Recovery and Cost Savings: Through our specialized resale and recycling efforts, we not only prevent environmental waste but also provide a source of revenue recovery for our clients.


Why Partner with PICS Telecom?

  • Expert Handling of Key Manufacturers: Our focused knowledge of equipment from Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia ensures that we manage your 3G equipment with the utmost expertise. 
  • Sustainability Commitment: Our zero-waste recycling and reselling strategy emphasize our dedication to environmental stewardship. 
  • Global Operations with Local Precision: With a presence in various global markets, we offer tailored solutions that respect local regulations and market conditions. 
  • Financial Benefits: Our approach not only aids in sustainability but also enhances your bottom line through cost savings and revenue recovery. 


Your Strategic Partner in 3G Sunset 

As you transition away from 3G technology, partnering with PICS Telecom means engaging with a company that values innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. We ensure that your 3G equipment is handled responsibly, maximizing reuse and recycling opportunities while providing economic returns. Contact us to discover how we can support your 3G Sunset Program, turning potential waste into sustainable value. 

Discover more about our 3G Sunset service and its alignment with your business goals at www.picstelecom.com!