Launching The Elemental Network Campaign.

Since it’s inception, PICS has been committed to developing the circular economy, with the primary focus to offer its global partners, green, cost-effective network services and solutions. As PICS Telecom passes its 30th anniversary, we wanted to share a brief history along with our values and vision, along with the announcement of a new value-driven partnership and campaign which will further benefit PICS partners by further reducing their environmental impact whilst creating a cleaner and greener, economy and system for us all to enjoy.

PICS Telecom

» Firstly, a brief history: PICS Telecom, formerly “PICSPlus”, was started in 1986 to provide plug-ins to the PICS coordinators at the RBOCs and larger ILECS. As time went on and deregulation began to accelerate growth in the long-distance market, PICS modified its business strategy to add the services and equipment that these new companies required.

In 1993 PICSPlus signed its first Investment Recovery contract with WilTel and began to extend its sales to include not only plug-ins but also complete systems to the exploding market of new carriers. The Investment Recovery business grew to include many of the most successful carriers including MCI WorldCom, Qwest/LCI, Frontier, Cable & Wireless, IXC Communications, ACC Communications and many others.

In early 1999 we changed our name from PICSPlus to PICS Telecom to emphasize the broad base of new services and equipment we provide the telecommunications industry. We are the premier resource for companies engaged in profit-driven asset management. We design and manage custom Investment Recovery programs that are the standard of the industry. As a result of our growing Investment Recovery business, PICS Telecom has one of the broadest and deepest inventories of Central Office, Transmission and Data equipment available in the industry.

To date, PICS leads it’s circular service model with it’s Investment Recovery program, designed to offer transparent, network solutions that consistently save PICS partners both time and money, whilst reducing their environmental impact through the use of extensive reuse and recycling programs that simultaneously reduce the amount of network equipment resulting in landfills across the globe.

Tim Williams | President & CEO

Tim Williams | President & CEO

"If you need comprehensive services to deal with the disposition of new and used excess equipment or you need to purchase equipment to start or supplement your network, PICS Telecom can save you significant time and a great deal of money, whilst reducing our partner's environmental impact. We stick to our core principles while continually evolving our offering to be innovative, efficient and productive for our customers and partners".

Investment recovery, as a service model, not only takes advantage of PICS’ comprehensive service suite but also highlights and takes action on three of the pillars of the waste hierarchy model. This being a primary factor contributing to the consistent reduction of PICS partner’s environmental impact, this is achieved through comprehensive reuse and recycling service models. 

Reduce / Recovery » Reuse » Recycle


» Not only does Investment recovery make economic and environmental sense, but it also lies at the centerpiece of PICS overall value proposition and vision: A green cost-effective network solution.

PICS Telecom has been committed since day one to bringing technology full circle, essentially creating telecom’s first circular economy at global scale. PICS continues to evolve it’s offering as it seeks to develop partnerships with organisations that share similar values and a joint vision of a cleaner, greener industry. This evolution has secured collaborations such as PICS partnership with One Tree Planted, which oversees the regeneration of lost forests and green spaces across the globe, through extensive tree planting projects. 

Resource: Why Tree Planting Is Important.

Launching the Elemental Network Campaign.

To celebrate PICS 30th anniversary, PICS Telecom has secured its 2nd value-driven partnership of 2022.

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic with the aim to clean up 90% of floating ocean plastic pollution. The Elemental Network Campaign will support PICS Telecoms Terrestrial and Submarine Network partners by providing forest regeneration options for PICS’ Terrestrial network partners alongside ocean plastic reduction support for PICS submarine network partners. 

In celebration of the launch of this new initiative along with PICS Telecoms 30th anniversary, in collaboration with One Tree Planted, PICS Telecom will be planting one tree for each form submission via the contact field below. 

» This anniversary, campaign, and vision can be viewed as an invitation, PICS is set on creating a cleaner, greener circular industry and is humbled to share this vision with the world. 

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