Are telecoms essential services?

Are telecoms essential services? » Several variables could influence one’s response, such as demographic and geographic conditions. However, we must factor in the current global climate and the hyper-acceleration of digital adoption prompted by the covid-19 pandemic, how the pandemic has impacted and influenced the telecommunications industry? which may prompt us to re-evaluate what might once have been a basic response.

The coronavirus pandemic has aided the acceleration of digital adoption across the board and the role that digital infrastructure plays within our lives, from communication between friends and family to the methods of showing up for work and communicating with our peers. To expand on this, the way we compose business at a macro and micro level has shifted across the globe with no sign of going back. So what does this mean?.

Perhaps items that were once “wants” have become “needs”, for example, how the use of video calling was previously an optional way of connecting, for many now is the only way. Or how a high street store’s website was once seen as an extension of the business, has transitioned to the primary revenue facilitator. The current means of delivering education, the list goes on.

One could have previously stated that telecoms and digital infrastructure are optional extensions to our lives. However, with the recent rapid adoption across the board to the point that many of us are heavily reliant upon it, we must question if we are reliant, it must be essential?

With the telecoms industry partially supporting our valuable digital connection and facilitating our current means of communication, when asked “are telecoms essential services?” let’s look at our current “needs” in order to formulate a solid response.

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