August 2021 » PICS Telecom Network Recycling Figures.

August 2021 » PICS Telecom Network Recycling Figures.

  • Steel » 4,010.00kg
  • Cast Aluminium » 3,540.00kg
  • Process boards » 5,115.22kg
  • Incinerated general » 1449.36kg

Total recycled » 14,114.58kg

PICS Telecom Network Recycling Figures » PICS Telecom is committed to providing its global network partners with green, cost-effective network solutions. PICS Recycling services make up a large part of PICS Telecoms’ overall service model, giving PICS partners the opportunity to generate revenue from surplus and or redundant telecom network equipment, through extensive, transparent, in-house recycling models.

Part of PICS ongoing environmental commitment, to scale and develop telecoms circular economy, is the prevention of further materials resulting in landfills and maintaining PICS 0% landfill rate target.


PICS Telecom | Global Telecom Network Provider and Partner | A green , sustainable and cost effective solution.
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