Brand21 PICS Telecom » New world, new site.

Brand21 PICS Telecom » Is proud to launch their new website with updated branding to emphasise PICS position as the first credible partner to scale and develop the telecoms circular economy.

At PICS we recognise the global changes we face, as part of our transition into the new world dubbed “the new normal” we have taken this unique moment as an opportunity to re-evaluate our brand and projection. In order to effectively communicate PICS Telecom’s story.

PICS Telecom: A global operation that remains true to its roots and values, providing a green, cost-effective alternative. Please visit our about us page to learn more.

We wish to display and project who we truly are, what we do, but most importantly, why we do it. PICS is a transparent global operation that does not specifically seek to solely provide large cost savings for our partners. We aim to provide a green alternative, develop our circular economy, advocate transparent business practices whilst offering large cost savings.

To consciously lead our industry niche with values, view the transactional element of our business model as an additional incentive. We wish to educate, lead by example and act as an industry authority in regards to addressing the environmental issues caused by the blind disposal of telecom and network equipment.

Our no-fluff, honest and transparent approach to business has secured business relations over the years and ultimately is one of the main contributors to PICS’ global success and scale. Advocating transparent business practices is the only way to truly work in sync with our customer’s wants and needs to effectively deliver an outcome that can secure peace of mind and the desired outcome for all parties involved.

We hope this shows quite simply, We care.

PICS Telecom Brand update.

A brand cannot be summed up purely on a visual basis, when re-evaluating our projection the main factor was user experience, our new site sets out to effectively communicate the who, what, and why in a streamlined, lightweight, no fluff manner. From the basic functionality of our website to the font we have selected, user experience has been factored in at each step.

*Our font was developed by the Braille Institute to provide a font face for users that struggle with text-based legibility.

A new brand direction that sets out to display our core values whilst modeling our digital presence around a concise, friendly, and functional user experience.

Jamie Carter | EMEA Marketing Manager

New normal – new PICS, it’s a new world, welcome to our new site.

Please contact for any questions.

Let’s work together to effectively optimise your network, a green, cost-effective alternative.

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