Cost-Neutral Legacy Equipment Removal Enhances Network Efficiency & Real Estate Value

Client: A leading telecommunications provider in the US Challenge A leading telecommunications provider faced significant challenges in removing legacy central office switching equipment (Nortel DMS) across the United States. The primary hurdles included: limited engineering resources, which were essential for revenue-generating installation work reduced operational expenditure budgets that were prioritized for network expansion rather than the … Read more

Revolutionizing Asset Recovery: PICS Telecom’s Strategic Resale of ASR9000 Equipment

Client: A prominent Tier One Operator in the Middle East Situation In the dynamic telecommunications landscape, a prominent Tier One Operator in the Middle East faced a significant challenge with the disposition of surplus Cisco IP network equipment, including ASR9000 and ASR-903 models. The challenge was to recover maximum value from these assets while promoting sustainability … Read more

Transforming Asset Management for a Leading Hyperscaler

Client: A Leading Hyperscaler Situation  A leading hyperscaler in North America faced operational inefficiencies in their network hardware management. They routinely decommissioned Infinera DTN-X networks, involving the de-installation of equipment which was then sent to one of their hubs. This process led to substantial equipment accumulation at the hubs, with the assets remaining there until … Read more

International Infinera DTN-X Network Decommissioning and Resale

Client: An International Carrier Project Duration: 2 Years Location: 12 Countries Worldwide Services Provided: Network Decommissioning, Resale, and Recycling  Situation  An international carrier faced a daunting task: decommissioning an extensive Infinera DTN-X network spread across 12 countries. Initially, the carrier planned to recycle this equipment, an approach that was not only costly but also less … Read more

PICS Telecom Recycling.

Title: PICS TELECOM RECYCLING. Client: Tier 1 US Carrier. Location: USA. The Challenge: PICS Telecom and their tier 1 US carrier wanted to decrease product waste between their two companies. This means trying to resell and reuse more products than ever before. PICS and the client needed to work together to create a plan that … Read more

Responsible recycling in telecoms.

Responsible recycling in telecoms » PICS Telecom: Actively setting out to develop the circular economy within the telecommunications and network industry, through the use of effective and efficient reuse and recycling programs. This not only extends the lifespan of network equipment and reduces the level of waste resulting in landfills, but it also enables PICS … Read more

Telecom Optics As A Service.

Client: International Carrier Network Operator. Location: Global. Challenge: Following an internal audit, the client discovered that their annual expenditure on optical transceivers was growing at an unsustainable rate due to the vast costs of buying 100G & 400G capable optics to keep up with the demand on their network. As the premier supplier of Sandstone … Read more

MPLS Network Build.

Client: Leading African ISP. Location: Africa Challenge: The client aspired to be the first regional operator to deploy a group-centric international IP/MPLS infrastructure of its kind, and to improve network connectivity and internet service availability within the MEA (Middle East Africa) region. Additional challenges of this project were to configure and design network infrastructure to … Read more

DWDM Solutions.

Client: Regional Optical Network Operator.  Location: Spain. Challenge: With an ever-increasing subscriber base of 1million+, the customer was struggling to maintain capacity. Deploying new fiber was expensive and would take too much time to meet the demand. It was essential that a solution was found to achieve more capacity before these limitations prevented new clients from … Read more

Telecoms Investment Recovery.

Client: Multi-National Network Operator.  Location: 6 Countries Across Europe.  Challenge: A British-Dutch-American multinational telecommunications company with operations in six European Countries had a business model based on acquisition and consolidation of networks which along with an ever-shortening of technology lifecycles led to a huge surplus of network assets across multiple countries taking up expensive, vital … Read more