EMEA Terms of Sale & Warranty.

Terms of Sale Definition of Refurbished Equipment: Refurbished equipment refers to previously used telecom network equipment that has been inspected, tested, and repaired to the best of our ability to ensure it is functioning properly. Warranty: All equipment supplied by PICS Telecom is covered by PICS’ comprehensive warranty. Payment: Warranty is only valid if payment … Read more

PICS Customer Surveys

Please proceed to download and complete the relevant survey via the below link, please return the completed survey to marketing@picstelecom.com EMEA Customer Survey – End Users EMEA Customer Survey – Vendors US Customer Survey – End Users EMEA Customer Survey – End Users EMEA Customer Survey – Vendors US Customer Survey – End Users

Descriptions of Verizon Installs, De-installs and Special projects.

» Installation projects. Full Engineering, Furnish & Install (EF&I) of Switches, DACS & Peripheral equipment through Multiple Verizon Business sites. Domestic and International.   projects will migrate traffic off of the failing PVGS NWKG by connecting to new VX routers VX1 & VX2.ATL01   We are going to De-Grow the SPM that is specified in I-spec and … Read more

UK Telecom equipment recycling certifications.

UK Telecom equipment recycling certifications. PICS Telecom is proud to offer its global customer base a comprehensive circular service suite, this enables PICS partners to effectively manage their network assets in a green, cost-efficient manner. Within PICS’ service offering, customers are presented with an extensive recycling model that provides, earth-friendly, transparent recycling solutions. » Learn … Read more

Sandstone Optics for CPRI and eCPRI.

» Sandstone Optics for CPRI and eCPRI. CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface) is the protocol required for connectivity and communication between modern Base Band Units and Remote Radio Units. CPRI has been developed by a consortium of mobile communication equipment manufacturers which include Ericsson, Huawei, and Nokia. One key advantage of using CPRI is it … Read more

PICS » Telecom field returns.

Click here to view our official flyer. PICS Telecom field returns service:  Telecom field returns » Advances in technology continue to shorten product life cycles. This often leads to equipment either being left on-site or returned to warehouses where it gathers dust until the book value is written off and the equipment is recycled. The … Read more

PICS WEEE Compliant recycling services.

View our flier here. What is WEEE? WEEE covers a vast majority of equipment, from household appliances that you would find in an everyday home to a data center filled with telecoms cabs that run networks and data between companies. Technology is being made better and upgraded constantly. This means that people and businesses are … Read more

Telecom products line card

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