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We’re the Experts at Helping Companies Make the Most of Their Redundant Network Equipment

PICS Telecom is a telecoms company and leading global reseller of new and used telecom and data equipment, backed by nearly 30 years of industry experience. Our exclusive Network Lifecycle Optimization Model offers sustainable investment recovery solutions and provides efficient, integrated, and streamlined asset management services worldwide. We manage complex projects involving decommissioning, warehousing, redeployment and outsourced technical solutions in order to facilitate cost avoidance through dynamic processes and comprehensive reporting. Our current customer base includes the largest Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers around the world, as well as major companies in the enterprise, healthcare and education segments.  We welcome the opportunity to put our skills and experience to work for you.

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Telecommunications Company, PICS Telecom
Global HQ |  Rochester, New York, USA
Telecoms Company, PICS Telecom
EMEA HQ |  Nailsea, Bristol, UK

Our History

PICS Telecom, originally named PICS Plus, was founded May 1st, 1992 by Tim Williams.  In 1994, PICS Plus pioneered the “Investment Recovery Model” and signed their first carrier agreement with the concept of taking in used equipment on consignment.  Under this model, PICS was not a reseller or buyer, PICS was an extension of the carrier, a partnership where PICS provided inventory management.

It was a “something in it for everyone” business model.  Firms that had excess equipment, whether new or used, could see financial return instead of seeing it gather dust.  Firms that needed the equipment, were able to acquire it at a healthy discount. PICS was able to make the transfer possible.

The process was simple, PICS went to the site, cataloged the inventory, packed it, and then shipped it to the PICS warehouse where it is shelved, tested, packaged, and eventually shipped out to another customer.  The model advanced over the years and in 1998 PICS Plus officially became PICS Telecom.  In 2004, with business continuing to grow, PICS Telecom opened their EMEA Headquarters in Bristol, United Kingdom.

The PICS Telecom business model continued to develop but always put their partners’ needs first.  In 2008, they began providing recycling services in their United States Headquarters based in Rochester, New York.  This allowed for equipment that was unable to be reused or resold, to be sustainably recycled in compliance with strict environmental and safety standards.

In order to provide transparency to their partners, in 2008 PICS Telecom introduced PICS Asset Management Services (PAMS). This exclusive web-based services portal provides visibility for clients to virtually view and manage their inventory in real-time.  In 2009, PICS Global HQ began providing technical deinstallation services, to acquire the equipment professionally and safely from the carrier sites.  PICS expanded into Asia-Pacific and opened an office in Hong-Kong in 2010.

In 2011, the PICS Telecom company launched their Field Return Program for Tier One carriers.  This service allowed for clients to recall and redeploy equipment within their network, saving time, money, and resources.  Recycling and Decommissioning/Deinstallation services expanded to be offered from the EMEA office, affording global coverage for international carriers.  PICS Telecom celebrated their 25-year anniversary in 2017.

Today, PICS Telecom continues to operate out of their three telecoms headquarters in America, United Kingdom, and Hong-Kong, providing products and services to the telecommunications industry.  Their original Investment Recovery Model grew to provide a full solution for managing the lifecycle of network and data equipment.

This exclusive model, coined Network Lifecycle Optimization (NLO), offers sustainable solutions, and provides efficient, integrated, and streamlined services worldwide.  PICS Telecom continues to partner with largest Tier One and Tier Two carriers in the world, as well as major companies in the enterprise, healthcare, and education segments to deliver technical solutions and quality telecoms equipment.


  • PICS Plus Founded on May 1, 1992


  • PICS Plus Pioneers Investment Recovery Model


  • PICS Signs First Investment Recovery Agreement


  • PICS Telecom EMEA HQ Opens in Bristol, UK


  • PICS Telecom Global HQ Begins Providing Recycling Services


  • PICS Releases PAMS Online Portal for Services


  • PICS Telecom Global HQ Begins Providing Deinstallation Services


  • PICS Telecom Asia-Pacific HQ Opens in Hong Kong


  • PICS Launches Field Return Program for CPE Returns for Tier One Carriers


  • PICS Telecom EMEA HQ Begins Providing Recycling Services


  • PICS Telecom EMEA HQ Begins Providing Deinstallation Services


  • PICS Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary 


  • PICS Telecom International B.V. Opens in Amsterdam, Netherlands