DWDM Solutions.

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Client: Regional Optical Network Operator. 

Location: Spain.


With an ever-increasing subscriber base of 1million+, the customer was struggling to maintain capacity. Deploying new fiber was expensive and would take too much time to meet the demand. It was essential that a solution was found to achieve more capacity before these limitations prevented new clients from being added to the network.  

The Solution:

Following an in-depth consultation with our optical experts, PICS Telecom in collaboration with Sandstone Technologies were able to provide a DWDM solution using a combination of multiplexers, amplifiers, and optics. The solution is considerably more economical and offered several more options than the typical OEM solution. This solution also meant shorter lead times meaning capacity was increased, before any business impacts were felt.


  • The client experienced significant cost savings and a reduction in physical footprint compared to their previous solution. They also felt reassured with piece of mind from the 
  • Sandstone Technologies Lifetime Warranty.
  • 1000’s of new customers added to network. 
  • Savings over 50% vs current OEM solution. 
  • 38 locations across Europe. 

Let’s work together to optimise your network.

A green, cost-effective solution.

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