Telecoms Investment Recovery.

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Client: Multi-National Network Operator. 

Location: 6 Countries Across Europe. 


A British-Dutch-American multinational telecommunications company with operations in six European Countries had a business model based on acquisition and consolidation of networks which along with an ever-shortening of technology lifecycles led to a huge surplus of network assets across multiple countries taking up expensive, vital warehousing space.

The Solution:

PICS can offer fully transparent valuations of the surplus equipment utilising complex algorithms and the human experience of our industry-leading sales team. Our sales teams can advise on the current supply and demand conditions of the market and pre-sell equipment to our multi-tiered customer base. We use this 2-factor evaluation approach to ensure the client is making the correct decisions on the future of their equipment whether that be re-sell, re-use, re-deploy, recycle or even (whisper it) sell it to one of our competitors! Once receiving the equipment PICS utilises its 40 strong sales team as well as the full force of its marketing and business development functions to sell the equipment on behalf of the customer. 


The transparent approach applied by PICS has provided nearly £400,00.00 worth of equipment sold by PICS in twelve months as well as large amounts of equipment recycled in a WEEE compliant manner from our in house expert recycling team. All of this has given an on-target return to the customer, saved space in their warehouse, and met with hitting environmental goals.

Let’s work together to optimise your network.

A green, cost-effective solution.

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