Field Returns Service: Revolutionizing Asset Management in Telecom

Bringing Technology Full Circle 

Transforming Underutilized Telecom Equipment into Valuable Resources 

In the dynamic world of telecommunications, PICS Telecom stands at the forefront with our Field Returns Service. We recognize the challenges posed by rapidly evolving technology, leading to underused equipment. Our service is designed to revitalize these assets, turning them into valuable components within the circular economy. 


Features of Our Field Returns Service 

  • Comprehensive Collection: Efficient recovery of redundant Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) from the field. 
  • Accurate Inventory Management: Integration into a bespoke virtual warehouse, ensuring precise tracking and management. 
  • Expert Refurbishment: Aesthetic enhancements and thorough cleaning to meet high standards for resale or reuse. 
  • Comprehensive Kitting: Ensuring every returned unit is complete with necessary accessories for immediate deployment. 
  • Rigorous Testing Protocols: Extensive assessments in our state-of-the-art testing labs, including resetting to default configurations and data clearance. 
  • Premium Packaging: Advanced packaging solutions for safe and secure transit. 


Benefits of Our Field Returns Service 

  • Optimized Return on Investment: Our strategic asset recovery turns potential losses into profitable returns, often offsetting transportation costs. 
  • Streamlined Asset Management: Our detailed inventory system allows for effective management of returned equipment. 
  • Enhanced Equipment Value: Through expert refurbishment, we maximize the resale or reuse value of each unit. 
  • Ready-to-Deploy Equipment: Our kitting process ensures all units are fully equipped and ready for immediate use. 
  • Assured Quality and Security: Our rigorous testing protocols guarantee the highest standards of quality and data security. 
  • Safe and Secure Delivery: Our premium packaging standards ensure that each item reaches its destination in optimal condition.

Embracing Sustainability and Innovation 

Aligned with PICS Telecom’s commitment to sustainability and our tagline “Bringing Technology Full Circle,” our Field Returns Service reflects our dedication to environmental responsibility and innovation. With our experience with top manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, and Nokia, we offer versatile solutions in telecom asset management, consistently focusing on a zero-to-landfill approach. 


Your Strategic Partner in Telecom Asset Management 

PICS Telecom offers a holistic, secure, and profitable approach to managing your telecom field returns. We are more than a logistics provider – we are a partner in maximizing the value of your telecom assets while upholding our commitment to sustainability and innovation. 

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