Green telecom networks 2030 » PICS Telecom » Reused and Recycled Telecom Network Equipment.

Green telecom networks 2030 » PICS Telecom.

Over the past 70 years, globally, we have seen and experienced; increased trading, demand, and consumption across all industries, for many, this ultimately points towards an increased quality of life.

We have experienced extended life whilst becoming accustomed to the premiums that modern life provides such as comfort, accessibility, and commodities, items many take for granted. However, the question must be asked:

» At what expense?

With many economies using GDP as the primary ( in many cases, the only ) metric to gauge economic success we find ourselves at a tipping point, as this model fails to highlight the environmental and human factors that are intrinsically connected to economic success, prosperity, and sustainability. Whilst carbon levels increase and raw materials diminish, it is fair to say that the current model of scale and consumption is not only unsustainable from an environmental perspective but it has hindered growth.

Our economies are dependant upon society, one could state, our economy lives within society. Further, society is dependant upon the environment. Our environment is our largest stakeholder, in which everything is dependant. To neglect our environment will see our economies tank unless we change our ways.

» No environment » no economy, we must look beyond transactional value.

In order to create a cleaner, greener, healthier economic framework to take us forward, it is clear that we must re-evaluate our current actions, with environmental preservation and sustainability at top of mind. A model that prioritises and balances environmental and human factors alongside GDP.

With many governments, companies, and institutions outlining environmental policies and setting roadmaps pointing towards 2030, with the goal to create a greener, carbon-neutral, sustainable framework, it is only encouraging to see recognition of these looming environmental issues with response and action being taken at scale.

However, collectively we must learn from our mistakes and highlight the issues in the present moment. Raw materials are currently being extracted whilst thousands of tonnes of waste are blindly disposed in landfills across the globe. PICS Telecom offers its network partners across the world with telecom network solutions that don’t only provide huge cost-savings but also highlight and take action in response to some of the environmental issues above.

Deploying effective and efficient recycling programs to help responsibly handle WEEE equipment, scaling reused and recycled telecom network equipment systems, whilst actively developing telecoms circular economy with a comprehensive, green service suite. PICS Telecom has collaborated with over 3500 network partners across the globe to consistently provide green, cost-effective network solutions for over 28 years, with plans to continue to deliver extended value for years to come. Let’s collaborate to work with the issues faced today, in order to paint a healthier tomorrow, for generations to come.


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