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» PICS Telecom set's out to actively develop the telecom industries circular economy, whilst advocating green practices in order to assist its global partners to reduce their and environmental impact.

An award-winning telecom network provider.

Recipients of the 2020 Verizon sustainability award, in recognition of the effective resale of network equipment and efficient recycling processes

PICS Telecom is committed to advocating green business practices, developing the circular economy whilst seeking, effective, value-driven collaboration to help its global customers reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

To achieve this PICS set’s out to develop and scale the reused network equipment market through the effective resale of network equipment, enforced with an extensive in-house testing process alongside a comprehensive post-sale warranty and sales support package, to ensure peace of mind for PICS customers.

Often, reused equipment markets are subject to negative connotations and stereotypes however at PICS Telecom, our focus is purely set on circular development with the additional incentive of providing our partners with large cost savings. 

» Circular economy misconceptions. 

» The issue.

Definition of sustainability

The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

Outlined in PICS Telecom’s supplier sustainability award release; 2019 saw the global E-waste figure reach 53.6Mt (metric tonnes), the equivalent of 53600Kg. By definition, if a process or practice cannot be maintained over a period of time, it is unsustainable. 

» End-of-life equipment, falling into landfills without question, is an unsustainable practice that must be addressed and acted upon. 

Resource: The circular economy vs linear economy.

» Our Solution.

PICS Telecom is not only proud to have received an award as an acknowledgment of its efforts to address and combat this issue, but also to provide its global customers with green solutions.

Alongside the sale of reused network hardware, PICS Telecom provides an exclusive circular service suite, coined “network lifecycle optimisation” that aims to extend the lifespan of any given network, generate revenue from redundant assets, and/or deploy extensive recycling practices that has seen PICS Telecom consistently hit a zero percent landfill figure.

Providing green telecoms solutions at global scale.

Many product and service providers as well as governments across the globe are developing and deploying green roadmaps to assist in the transition towards a greener, cleaner, more sustainable future. PICS Telecom effectively seeks and develops value-driven collaboration with its global customers daily, consistently delivering huge results that deliver both cost-savings as well as significant environmental value. Highlighting and tackling the current issues, those being the unsustainable nature of the disposal culture and the lack of effective recycling within the electronic waste industry.

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