» How to change telecom operator.

How to change telecom operator? Is a network update, refresh or vendor swap on the cards? Are you looking to change network operator now or in the near future?

Like any decision-making process (DMP), we must consider capacity, value, impact, expenditure, and of course, benefits. Often certain practices are normalised without questioning all aspects of the DMP such as the impact said purchase produces, and the correlation between expense/value. Let’s take a moment to touch on these two items.

How to change telecom operator » The Social & Environmental Impact.

Outlined in our 2020 Supplier sustainability award, referencing the 2020 Global E-waste Monitor, In 2019, the world generated a striking 53.6 Mt of e-waste resulted in landfill. The FMCG market along with the blind disposal of telecom and network equipment as it approaches its end of life certainly contribute a large percentage towards that colossal figure. These practices are not only unsustainable but also create dangerous and toxic living environments for many individuals living within these landfill regions.

We must seek to collaborate, develop the circular economy and strive to remove equipment from this linear, unsustainable practice whilst bringing used equipment back into system, full circle.

The Expense/value question when changing telecom operator.

If an item is new does it directly correlate with increased value? for example, your new watch functions and performs in the same manner as the reused watch, however, the reused model provides a cost-effective alternative whilst preventing an item from falling into a landfill. So where is the true value found? One could argue that the peace of mind associated with the purchase of new equipment is enough to justify the expense, however, let’s balance that out with a compelling warranty applied to the reused unit.

Perhaps when considering the unsustainable nature of the linear economy we can learn to find true value in circular development? Reused equipment, backed with a comprehensive warranty at a fraction of OEM price, a pretty compelling value proposition indeed, the question being what do you value?

Changing operator?

Hopefully, this short post provides some food for thought, as the DMP is not as back and white as it once may have been. Business is not purely transactional, rather emotional, where social, economic, and environmental values must be weighed up, considered, and prioritised.

Looking at making a change?

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PICS Telecom Overview.

PICS Telecom is a leading global reseller of new and used telecom & data equipment, backed with  over 28 years of industry experience. PICS’ consistently supports network operators of all sizes across the globe with green, cost-effective solutions to upgrade, maintain and extend the life of their networks.

PICS’ offers a fully transparent, green asset management service that allows our partners to purchase, re-reuse, refurbish, resell and recycle network equipment whist reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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