International Deinstallation Services.

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Client: Tier 1 International Carrier Network.

Location: Global.


The client had made the decision to swap out their Infinera DTN-X network in favour of a Ciena 6500 network. Initially, they planned to have Ciena deinstall the old network, and then dispose of the equipment through a traditional recycling route. However, following a consultation with PICS, the client realised that there could be a large potential return on their deinstalled equipment by working with PICS to sell the assets to their worldwide customer base.

The Solution:

One of the key areas which PICS expert team identified immediately was the notorious fragility of the DTN-X hardware during deinstallation. The client decided to let PICS deinstall the equipment rather than risk Ciena damaging the equipment on removal. PICS’ technical services division utilized their 60+ years of in field expertise to deinstall the large XTC-10 chassis using specialized equipment thus maintaining the integrity of the equipment to allow resale. The equipment is then wrapped and packed onsite and transported back to PICS’ regional hubs in the UK & The Netherlands – all without subcontracting. The equipment had then been marketed and sold to PICS clients all over the world giving the client a seven-figure return on equipment they were going to scrap for nothing.


Client was able to generate several millions of Euro’s to help expand their network from obsolete equipment they expected no return on.

Furthermore, because PICS Services allow the ownership of the equipment to remain with the customer, this allowed the client to gain a huge benefit during the global Covid-19 pandemic, as they were able to redeploy some of their equipment to increase capacity throughout their network, saving additional money, time, and resources.

  • Several million Euro’s return from resale of equipment.
  • Increased capacity during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 15 Countries de-installed. 

Let’s work together to optimise your network.

A green, cost-effective solution.

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