Tom Rees

Tom Rees

Sales & Marketing Director | EMEA

Investment recovery program.

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Why use PICS’ investment recovery program?

PICS has refined our investment recovery program over 28 years since we first started supporting our customers and partners in 1992.

Transparent Valuations.          

We believe in a full, open-book, transparent approach to our valuations. Rather than just giving you a valuation, we will advise of the numbers and the method behind that valuation, giving you the peace of mind that you are going to receive the return that has been promised.

To ensure your valuation is as detailed as possible, we will use our algorithm which will utilize our extensive global sales history, quote history, and the current supply and demand in the market. 

Our experienced global sales teams invest time in valuing your inventory and actively discuss the requirements of the largest network operators in the world every day, we understand the market conditions to ensure maximum return for you. When you share your inventory, our sales team will add their expertise and ensure our data is true and accurate. 

Real-time access to your inventory.

Using our “virtual warehouse” feature of our ERP system you can have real-time access to all data relating to your inventory. You can track the financial returns, dive into your inventory levels, and even call back items that are perhaps required elsewhere in your network all with the click of a button!

Industry Standard-Setting Returns.

PICS has been at the forefront of developing the global telecom’s circular economy for over 28 years with a customer base unrivaled in the industry. Collaboratively, our experienced 

industry-leading sales team has over 400 years’ experience, and are speaking with these 

customers on a daily basis to move your inventory at market value to ensure maximum return for you. On top of our current client base, PICS will also attach dedicated business development resource to sell your inventory on your behalf. We will also maximise all of our standard marketing routes to promote your inventory including software, social platforms, and more traditional marketing approaches.

WEEE Compliant Recycling.

If your equipment is deemed to have no resale value PICS can offer a fully compliant recycling service. View our WEEE presentation here.

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