Mobile Networks » Acquisition mode » 2022

Mobile Networks can be one of the fastest moving & most flexible arenas in our telecoms world, through this, PICS Telecom is in acquisition mode for the following technologies.

  • ERICSSON AIR & RADIO 5G ( AIR6488 , BASEBAND 6648, 6620 ,6502 )
  • HUAWEI BBU ( Transport modules & Associated 5G cluster RRUs )

Since 2019, PICS has been involved in a number of key, early 5G swaps, whereby the carrier has decided to switch 5G providers. In line with the 2/3/4G work we do, PICS apply the same principles of
transparent valuations and green alternatives to 5G sourcing & sparing.

With RAN & MBB networks coming out thick and fast, the strain on space & resources, coupled with lead-time issues for newer RAN technologies, PICS Telecom can find your surplus 5G Radio & Baseband equipment, a new home.

If you are swapping from one leading OEM, to another and need a specialist, transparent & established market leader in this field, contact PICS Telecom for a host of purchase & ethical re-sale options.

As we continue to be mindful of global network movements and associated emissions, acquiring an ethically sourced working “alternative” from PICS Telecom, instead of a lengthy repair cycle, often incurring multiple air miles, is clearly a step you can take with little resistance.

For case studies & references, please don’t hesitate to contact PICS Telecom & Our globally recognised business development team.

A continuation of your circular economy activity and key fundamentals in the zero-waste approach in one. PICS offers a diverse and inclusive approach to our business, no matter where you are, we will listen.