MPLS Network Build.

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Client: Leading African ISP.

Location: Africa


The client aspired to be the first regional operator to deploy a group-centric international IP/MPLS infrastructure of its kind, and to improve network connectivity and internet service availability within the MEA (Middle East Africa) region.

Additional challenges of this project were to configure and design network infrastructure to minimize launch time to market for their new internet services within a critical time frame, as well as getting the equipment cleared from customs into the destination countries.

The Solution:

PICS consulted with the client to strategically identify an optimal network platform design. The equipment was then sourced and staged to create a full network simulation, custom engineered and multi-layer tested at PICS EMEA Headquarters’ state of the art test lab in Bristol, UK. By using refreshed and surplus equipment, PICS was able to deliver a more cost-effective solution that included more comprehensive support and warranty than an OEM or systems integrator could offer. In parallel to this, the client was supplied with remote access, and full test reports. PICS Logistics service deployed equipment to each individual site using our newly acquired export licenses; PICS is proud to be one of the first companies in the industry to be granted individual export licenses for all the sites within the MEA delivery region.


The client was able to implement a fully functional IP/MPLS network across multiple countries. PICS was on hand to support and maintain the network, including network configuration when new customers were added to the network. This allowed the client to increase market share in the region at minimum cost with limited in-house engineering skills.

  • X4 PoP’s
  • 2 Continents 
  • 66% Cost saving vs local integrator
  • X7 100G MPLS backbone routers
  • 8 months from contract signing to live

Let’s work together to optimise your network.

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