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About PICS Asset Management Services (PAMS)

PICS Asset Management Services, or PAMS, is our exclusive web-based asset management portal allowing transparency and control over your assets. Our secure and easy to use system provides a complete platform for you to track, report, and manage all aspects of your telecom and data inventory.
It is designed with the customer in mind and delivers the ability to recover and redeploy network assets. PAMS offers a global transparency to project status, as well as resale and recycling proceed reports. It allows customers to have real-time access to information about their equipment and jobs, while also allowing PICS to track and organize the customer’s business.
PAMS users have 24/7 access to all their projects, both past and current. They can easily access information on the location and site details of their assets, point of contact information, shipping information, and much more.  View detailed status reports of where your project is in our process and access project documents, equipment lists, and inventory reports.
Clients can virtually view and manage their inventory in real time from anywhere in the world with 24/7 access.  View live inventory and commit equipment to return orders.  Have confidence in your projects with secure visibility to track and report your telecom network equipment assets.
Our Client services Team provides personalized onboarding and custom support so you can fully utilize all aspects of this unique tool.  Rest assured with transparency and comprehensive reporting.   PAMS affords the opportunity to view project status from beginning to end and ensure compliance with current regulations.  See the value of your surplus or unused assets, and control where they go.  Generate detailed reports and see resale revenue in real time, all with a transparent and documented audit trail.

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Benefits of our exclusive PICS Asset Management Services portal include:

  • Transparency to project status, as well as resale and recycling proceed reports
  • Maintain control 24/7 with real time updates and secure global access
  • Identify project status, access project documents, equipment lists, inventory reports and site details anytime, anywhere
  • Evaluate your inventory to determine the most cost effective and sustainable course of action
  • Recall equipment for reuse in your network
  • View historical and current projects simply from one platform
  • Securely view and organize financial records or reports
  • Customized and controlled user access for authorized users provides piece of mind that your data is protected and secure
  • Save on OPEX and generate proceeds by reselling or redeploying equipment
  • Ensure compliance with visibility to documents and reporting
  • Conveniently and securely have reports sent direct to your inbox
  • Onboard training and user guide provided as well as customer support around the clock
  • Obtain certificates of destruction and recycling reports with a simple click
PICS Asset Management Services portal

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