Tony Warren

Tony Warren

VP Mobile Networks | EMEA

PICS Telecom 5G Swap out.

PICS Telecom 5g Swap out » Successfully collaborating with major tier one OEM in order to facilitate new 5G project in EMEA.

Through PICS’s 3 decade-long dedication to Investment Recovery Services, PICS Telecom are in situ to work closely with a host of carriers in mid-vendor swap (4G & 5G) to realise immediate ROI on their surplus 4G & 5G radio baseband and radio head assets.

During a 3-week consultation on both the carrier side and OEM side, PICS was able to demonstrate an immediate return on investment to the carrier, while supporting the OEM to fill much-needed new orders for a major 4G refresh & new 5G deployment project.

Deliveries of the 5G capacity plug-ins have already started. PICS Telecom continues to offer transparent, fair market valuations and commentary on Mobile Broadband assets across Ericsson, ZTE, HUAWEI, SAMSUNG, and NOKIA estates. Working with PICS is free, with no monthly subscription or agent fees.

If you are about to start a vendor swap and are in control of the assets, please do not hesitate to contact PICS Telecom.


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