PICS Telecom Recycling.


Client: Tier 1 US Carrier.

Location: USA.

The Challenge:

PICS Telecom and their tier 1 US carrier wanted to decrease product waste between their two companies. This means trying to resell and reuse more products than ever before. PICS and the client needed to work together to create a plan that would be beneficial for all clients and companies. They also needed to find a way to reuse and resell without the loss of profits and increase in costs.

The Solution:

PICS and the client decided to create more Decoms in the Northeast. So far, they have completed Decom Jobs in 11 states and 147 Bays, those numbers are only rising.


Gross sales for the client from PICS are up 150% in the first quarter of 2020 alone. In 2019 more than 70,000 products from Windstream were scrapped. However, now all those products are being either harvested, sold, or returned to Windstream rather than being scrapped. This process is decreasing the number of products ending up in landfills.


  • Improved reporting at your fingertips = Realtime asset management.
  • Smoother transition of equipment from Harvest status to Saleable status = increased resale profits.
  • Streamline PICS processes = increased customer satisfaction.


PICS Telecom and the client have continuously increased their recycling numbers over the past few years. The numbers have increased from 73,442 YTD lbs. Recycled in 2019. Including, 3,877 (resale) + 4,501 (reuse), to 2020 being 489,310 YTD lbs. Recycled. In 2020 the resale and reuse numbers were as follows: 3855 (resale) + 4658 (reuse). This has also created an increase in the emissions prevented from 2019 (118.6 Metric Tons CO2) to 2020 (619.14 Metric Tons CO2).

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