Quality Assurance

Your Trusted Partner for Telecom + Data Equipment


Equipment is identified by manufacturer serial number, bar-coded, assigned an inventory control number in our ERP to Telcordia database standards, + stored in a climate controlled environment to anti-static standards.


We perform a visual inspection on all components to identify + document the equipment’s condition.


A power on self-test is performed to confirm revision levels + to reset factory default configurations. Then functionality testing, simulations, + traffic load testing is completed. We offer customized test services including traffic load testing, software configuration/ installation, + hardware upgrades.


All custom configurations + test reports are retained in our ERP System, + reviewed by our certified engineers + technicians prior to equipment being released to the shipping department.


After undergoing final visual inspection + reverification of all components, the equipment is packaged in anti-static, reinforced custom packaging.

What You Want, When You Need It

We’re committed to delivering the highest quality, new and used telecommunications and data equipment on the market today. Our Sales Professionals provide comprehensive inventory data by manufacturer part number and HECI code, including the Telcordia® product identification database, to identify the exact part you need. Our competitive prices and the speedy professionalism are what set us apart from our competition.

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Lets partner to create a solution that makes business sense, unlocks your operational efficiencies, and allows you to regain control of your network assets.