Responsible recycling in telecoms.

Responsible recycling in telecoms » PICS Telecom:

Actively setting out to develop the circular economy within the telecommunications and network industry, through the use of effective and efficient reuse and recycling programs. This not only extends the lifespan of network equipment and reduces the level of waste resulting in landfills, but it also enables PICS Telecom to offer its customers a cost-effective solution, with huge cost savings of up to 90% over OEM price. Truly, a green, cost-effective alternative.

The plastic reality:

Many plastics are non-degradable, meaning that they fail to decompose and are instead broken down into smaller particles over time, often referred to as micro-plastics. Currently, up to 91% of global plastics are not even recycled, resulting in an ever-growing, unsustainable issue, a by-product of our normalised throwaway/disposal culture.

PICS Telecom is committed to scaling it’s circular efforts, assisted through PICS responsible recycling programs. With a current zero-landfill target and currently sitting at only 1% of PICS scrapped materials resulting in landfill. 

Whilst PICS relationships with the largest smelters, globally, allow us to easily recycle the metal components within your surplus or redundant telecom network assets. Historically, it has been challenging to process and effectively deal with plastic components such as cable coating. Network owners and operators have had to dispose of huge quantities of plastic cabling into landfill, often with no alternative option.

A green, solution:

PICS Telecom identified one of it’s large partners was purchasing 250,000 traffic cones per year, at a heavy cost to the business. Meanwhile, large quantities of cabling were being scrapped that featured enough plastic coating to manufacture close to 75,000 cones per year. PICS Telecom was able to provide an innovative and green solution, providing traffic cones manufactured purely from recycled cabling from their network.

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