Tony Warren

Tony Warren

VP Mobile Networks | EMEA

Sandstone Optics for CPRI and eCPRI.

» Sandstone Optics for CPRI and eCPRI.

CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface) is the protocol required for connectivity and communication between modern Base Band Units and Remote Radio Units. CPRI has been developed by a consortium of mobile communication equipment manufacturers which include Ericsson, Huawei, and Nokia. One key advantage of using CPRI is it ensures that network providers, using different equipment, can communicate seamlessly with one another.

The equipment manufacturers that brought us CPRI have worked on an enhanced version (eCPRI) specifically intended to support 5G.

Sandstone Technologies™ offer a range of CPRI and eCPRI compliant transceiver and cable options that combine carrier-grade reliability and competitive price points.

Advantages of CPRI Solutions from Sandstone:

  • Vendor equivalent quality and reliability
  • Lifetime advanced replacement warranty
  • A comprehensive range of rugged CPRI transceivers, AOCs and armored fibre cables
  • 100% in-system testing
  • Multi-protocol, multi-compatibility support
  • Inter-compatible options
  • Significant savings compared to vendor solutions
  • Extensive stock and short lead-times

» View flier and comparison chart » here.

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