PICS Telecom case studies.

» Actions speak louder than words.

In the 30 plus years PICS has been in business, we have helped over 3500 customers in 159+ countries efficiently optimise their networks, maximising our extensive product offering and comprehensive service model. Take a moment to browse our telecom case studies & success stories. 

Telecom Optics As A Service.

Please click » Here to view official case study. Client: International Carrier Network Operator. Location: Global. Challenge: Following an internal audit, the client discovered that

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MPLS Network Build.

Please click » Here to view official case study. Client: Leading African ISP. Location: Africa Challenge: The client aspired to be the first regional operator to

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DWDM Solutions.

Please click » Here to view official case study. Client: Regional Optical Network Operator.  Location: Spain. Challenge: With an ever-increasing subscriber base of 1million+, the customer

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Telecoms Investment Recovery.

Please click » Here to view official case study. Client: Multi-National Network Operator.  Location: 6 Countries Across Europe.  Challenge: A British-Dutch-American multinational telecommunications company with operations

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Feedback statistics.

  • 97% of clients are repeat purchasers of PICS products and/or servicest
  • 95% of clients are likely to recommend PICS to a friend or colleague
  • 98% of clients rate their experience with PICS as better than other suppliers in all categories surveyed
  • 99% of clients are satisfied with their experience using PICS products and services

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