Matthew Kellaway

Matthew Kellaway

Recycling Manager | EMEA

UK Telecom equipment recycling certifications.

UK Telecom equipment recycling certifications.

PICS Telecom is proud to offer its global customer base a comprehensive circular service suite, this enables PICS partners to effectively manage their network assets in a green, cost-efficient manner. Within PICS’ service offering, customers are presented with an extensive recycling model that provides, earth-friendly, transparent recycling solutions.

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PICS Telecoms UK recycling facility holds the following certifications:

AATF – Approved authorised treatment facility.

T11 Exemption – This licence allows PICS to dismantle repair and refurbish equipment.

S2 – PICS storage licence, this licence allows PICS Telecom to store up to a thousand tonnes of WEEE per year.

Waste carriers licence- This licence allows PICS to broker/transport equipment.


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