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» Telecom network equipment recycling.

PICS Telecom offers its global network partners, green and cost-effective solutions to effectively manage their network whilst reducing their environmental impact and carbon footprint. PICS circular service suite sets out to extend the lifespan of any given network whilst providing the opportunity to generate revenue from redundant network equipment with PICS Investment recovery service.

PICS Telecoms circular service suite consistently provides huge results for network owners and operators around the globe whilst facilitating value-driven collaboration to aid the development of the circular economy. PICS in-house comprehensive recycling program identifies zero-value equipment that is efficiently broken down and recycled, these components are then resold and put back into the system » truly circular.

Q1 of 2021 saw PICS Telecom hit a 0% landfill target alongside the recognition of PICS green efforts, PICS Telecom was awarded the 2020 supplier sustainability award from Verizon, highlighting PICS reuse efforts across the globe.

Let’s work together to optimise your network.

A green, cost-effective solution.

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PICS Telecom Overview.

PICS Telecom is a leading global reseller of new and used telecom & data equipment, backed with  over 28 years of industry experience. PICS’ consistently supports network operators of all sizes across the globe with green, cost-effective solutions to upgrade, maintain and extend the life of their networks.

PICS’ offers a fully transparent, green asset management service that allows our partners to purchase, re-reuse, refurbish, resell and recycle network equipment whist reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Optical, wireless, IP, CPE or anything in between. Collaborate, save and optimise with PICS today.


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