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PICS Telecom offers the largest inventory of new and used multi-vendor telecom network products and data equipment. Providing critical spares and services to over 2000 customers in over 100 countries. All equipment provided is thoroughly tested to ensure it is in excellent working condition and is backed by PICS’ comprehensive warranty. 

Supporting all major manufacturers including Cisco, Nokia, Ericsson, Juniper, Ciena, Huawei & Infinera. PICS Telecoms is experienced and ready to support your optical, IP, wireless, or CPE networks with tested, warrantied equipment with short lead times.

Networks we support.

PICS Telecom has become the market leader in the supply of high performance optical network equipment. PICS currently holds the largest multi vendor optical networking inventory in the world We have experience in complex, worldwide de-installs of optical networks which enable us to supply 100G, 500G & 1.2TB capacity to our partners all around the world with dramatically shorter lead times than the manufacturers. If you require Ciena 6500, Infinera DTN-X, Huawei OSN, Cisco NCS, Ribbon Neptune or Nokia 1830 PICS can help.

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PICS Telecom IP network equipment can support businesses of all size, whether you are a small startup looking to establish your first network or a large enterprise looking to expand your existing infrastructure. PICS telecom holds large global stocks of Cisco A9K, Juniper MX Series as well as many more. in addition to providing hardware PICS can support with staging and configuration of most IP platforms, our team of highly trained engineers will work with you to ensure your equipment is up and running as quickly as possible. 

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PICS Telecom offers a huge inventory of high quality CPE (Customer premise equipment) to meet all requirements. Our CPE portfolio includes a wide range of products such as modems, routers, gateways and set top boxes from Cisco, Juniper, Huawei and Arris. Our team of expert engineers can ensure all items are configured to your requirements ensuring a plug and play solution. 

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PICS telecom has the fastest growing mobile/wireless portfolio in the world including base bands, antennas and radios from manufacturers such as Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei.  PICS is the supplier of choice not just for leading MNO’s but also for the global OEM’s. We have huge stocks of Nokia Airscale, Flexi, Huawei BBU, BTS & Ericsson RBS and Air platforms. 

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PICS telecom offers a zero to landfill solution for all legacy PSTN/Central office switching site. PICS expert team conducts over 30 site decom’s every month which can give peace of mind when managing complex projects. 

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Quality testing and shipping. At PICS Telecom our thorough in house testing ensures grade A products with customer satisfaction in mind, this includes visual inspection in accordance with industry standards and simulating customer applications in our comprehensive testing lab. We use anti-static packaging and impact-absorbing materials to protect your parts from ESD through shipping.

An exclusive guarantee. Any equipment you purchase from PICS carries our comprehensive warranty and is further supported by our Advanced Replacement Program and our PICS Certified Guarantee. We want to make sure that our products meet (and exceed) your expectations today, and into the future.

Experts at your fingertips. Our sales staff is available by phone or on-site to answer your questions, offer one-on-one consultation, and help configure systems to meet your requirements. Plus, our engineering teams provide installation services and the necessary follow-up to get your system online and operational. From initial quotation through power-up, our staff strives to exceed your expectation.

A proactive approach to partnership. PICS people become members of your team. Don’t be surprised when we contact you to discuss your current requirements or future network plans so we can better understand your needs. Simply put, we make it our business to understand yours, which is why we’re proud to have earned the respect of so many repeat customers. Browse our success stories here.

What you want, when you need it. From plug-in circuit packs and complete switch sites to entire transmission networks, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality, new and used telecommunications and data equipment on the market today. Our

MIS system provides comprehensive inventory data by manufacturer part number and HECI code—including the Telcordia® product identification database—to identify the exact part you need.

Competitive prices. Our competitive prices, the speed, professionalism, and transparency with which we conduct our business—are what set us apart from our competition.

The bottom line? Our unique combination of reliability, accountability, quality, and price makes PICS Telecom International a trustworthy, viable, cost effective and green solution.