Jerry Rolfe

Jerry Rolfe

Technical Engineering Services Director

PICS Telecom Recycling Manager earns WAMITAB 4 Qualification.

Congratulations to Matt Kellaway who has recently completed the WAMITAB 4 qualification.

Our in-house Recycling supervisor Matt Kellaway, passionately advocates environmental preservation, alining this passion within PICS telecom recycling and environmental work is a key asset to PICS in EMEA. Ensuring we are top of our game when it comes to handling all of our customer’s redundant telecoms assets, ensuring we get the best recycling values for our customers, and PICS.

I want to ensure our customers that we have the right knowledge for our in-house telecom recycling facility to operate effectively here at PICS Telecom.

Matt Kellaway: Recycling Supervisor EMEA

WAMITAB is an awarding organisation that develops qualifications for those working in waste management and recycling. Working directly with industry leaders to shape and deliver employer-led qualifications that provide individuals with fit-for-purpose skills for the workplace. Since it was formed in 1989, WAMITAB has evolved in line with the convergence between the sectors with a clear focus on promoting and supporting environmental sustainability.

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