Why use PICS Telecoms recycling services?

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Telecoms recycling services at PICS:

Why use PICS Telecoms recycling services » PICS Telecom has been working with our partners to recycle their surplus network assets for over 20 years. We have a strong knowledge and experience with all network types including central office switching, PSTN, mobile/wireless, copper and optical networking. 

Green Telecoms:

At the heart of all of our day-to-day operations lie PICS Telecom’s green values. We work with our partners to ensure that we manage their surplus network assets in a green manner, ensuring we effectively collaborate to minimise their environmental footprint.

PICS Telecom is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) 

To ensure maximum yield of any network hardware PICS operates an ATF in Rochester, New York, and also in our UK facility in Bristol. This ensures we both hold full control over the recycling process whilst, delivering top, consistent results and return for our partners. 

Our managed supply chain:

PICS Telecom recycling units have developed strategic partnerships with global recycling organisations to ensure that the right environmental controls are used throughout all stages of our recycling program. Our selection process is not just environmentally driven but also ethically driven, we make sure that none of our partners are exporting any materials to countries that exploit life in order to process waste.  

Our aggressive zero landfill target:

The industry standard dictates that only 90% of equipment components will be recycled, leaving a further 10% which end up in landfill. PICS Telecom is leading the industry in reducing the number of materials that end up in landfills. We have a zero-landfill target and currently sit on only 1% of our scrapped materials ending in landfill. Our success is born out of our passional WAMITAB qualified recycling team who are able to advise of new, innovative ways of dealing with waste material, further, recognised and awarded the 2020 supplier sustainability award by Verizon.

Data Security:

We take data security very seriously and ensure that all proprietary, customer data is removed from all equipment before either resale or recycling. This includes any sanitizing of drives or any other physical network assets before they leave PICS’ facilities.

Free advanced reporting:

PICS will provide full audit trails and reporting including certificates of destruction for all our recycled materials. We will hold these on file for up to 10 years and will be happy to work with our partners during any audits.

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