The circular economy vs linear economy 101.

The circular economy vs linear economy: The circular economic framework revolves around creating regenerating closed-loop systems, where products, services, and industries are scaled over time with sustainability at top of mind. Whereas a linear economic model reflects the throwaway/disposal culture that has been both adopted and normalised. Within the world of Telecoms and Electronics, this linear approach traditionally takes the following approach.

  1. Raw materials are mined
  2. Manufacturing/production
  3. Consumption/use
  4. End of life approaches
  5. Disposal/landfill
  6. Upgrade/new device

Why do we need a circular economy?

Considering, raw materials are not in infinite supply, with looming deadlines such as the estimated global exhaustion of copper by 2040. It is fair to say the linear ideology/model is not only unsustainable, but it is also extremely dangerous with a potentially irreversible environmental impact. Consumption and capital growth both feed our economies, however, our economies live within society » our society is entirely dependant on our environment. Without our environment what is left? To transition to a greener more sustainable future, circular models must be adopted, developed, and scaled. From the top-tier decisions to the individual purchases we made on a daily basis, the consequences of our actions must be carefully considered and questioned.

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