PICS is proud to win the 2020 Verizon Supplier Sustainability Award.

Press Release February 2021

PICS Telecom has been selected as the winner of the global Verizon supplier sustainability award for 2020.

Awarded by James J. Gowen Verizon’s Chief Sustainability Officer, the award was given in recognition of the collaboration between PICS & Verizon, in support of Verizon’s sustainability efforts across the globe, through the recovery, redeployment, re-use & recycling of surplus assets across their vast network estate.

In 2019, the world generated a striking 53.6 Mt of e-waste, an average of 7.3 kg per capita.

* The Global E-waste Monitor 2020.

If a process cannot be maintained at a certain rate or level, by definition, it is unsustainable. End of life network assets falling into landfills is an unsustainable practice. Verizon & PICS work collectively to develop sustainable systems while setting out to reuse and recycle our existing waste to move forward towards a greener and brighter future.

“PICS is proud to receive this award from our partners at Verizon. This award is not just a testament to the PICS ethos of helping our partners deal with their networks in the most sustainable, green fashion but it is also a testament to Verizon’s commitment to be a leader in sustainability practice on a global scale”.

Tim Williams CEO / President PICS Telecom

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